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marker club

A market club will consist of 4 people who would like to aquire Stampin" Up's fabulous markers and case without having to spend $119.95 all at once. The only way to get the case is to purchase the entire set of markers at once or join a marker club. In addition to the case, each participant also receives hostess benefits.

How it works
The 4 participants agree to purchase both the assortment pack of cardstock and a set of 12 markers in one of the 4 color families every month or every other month depending on what the participants agree on. Each participant takes turn as hostess earning the hostess benefits that month as well as getting the case for her markers.

What you do
You will order the markers and all 4 families of assorted cardstock. You will give each participant one color family of markers (set of 12) and the matching carstcok. The hostess will receieve the case as well as the hostess benefits.
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